If you need food assistance in Anchorage, Alaska, call F.I.S.H. at (907) 277-0818.

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What we do.

"I was at my wits end. My husband had been out of work and got a great job but no paycheck for two weeks. We have a blended family of 7 kids and were completely out of milk. I called F.I.S.H. and those good people were there within the day to help us over this rough spot."

----- a F.I.S.H. telephone volunteer

Volunteer Positions

  • Answer Phone. When someone calls the F.I.S.H. line, a volunteer gathers information about family size, children’s ages and special dietary needs.
  • Shop. Volunteer shoppers purchase supplies to provide healthy meals. Food also comes into the F.I.S.H. pantry from food drives and The Food Bank of Alaska.
  • Pack. Volunteer packers prepare supplies to meet the needs of each family accordingly to pre-set guidelines.
  • Deliver. Volunteer drivers then deliver the groceries directly to the family the same day they call.

Community Involvement

  • Fundraising. Volunteers organize and coordinate fundraising events and food drives.
  • Partner Affiliates. Community organizations gather specific foods on regular bases (ie. tuna fish, peanut butter, pasta, powder milk).